Now Faith Church International
The Call and Commission came to me on January 10, 1988. I then accepted and must always remember God's instructions to me: 
"Teach my people to strive to enter the strait gate, for many shall seek to enter in but shall not be able because of false teaching".

After 3 years of preperation to the call, November 1991, I preached my first public message at God's Church in Bessemer, Alabama, under the Leadership of Apostle and Pastor Leonard Wood. 

After several years in Ministry, teaching and doing the work of an Evangelist,God instructed me  in December 1999 on "Now Faith Church International" and starting weekly Bible studies at my sister's home. 

1st Lady Patricia Boswell

Elder & Pastor
Leroy Boswell

           Sunday School             10 am

Sunday Morning
    11:15 am

           Bible Study          
7:00 pm