Now Faith Church International

           Sunday School             10 am

Sunday Morning
    11:15 am

           Bible Study          
7:00 pm
Come Worship With Us! 
Sunday School                                10:00 am
Sunday Morning service           11:15 am

Wednesday Bible Study            7:00 pm
Sunday School 10 am
A place to learn the uncompromised
Word of God
on a more personal level,
with the ability of interaction.

See you there!

Sunday Service 11:15 am

Our Sunday Service is filled with Praise & Worship, the uncompromised Word of God, and the move of God!

If you are looking for a quiet church, don't come to Now Faith! 

See you there!

Wednesday Service 7Pm

Testimony Wednesday and Praise Report! A night of Testimonies, Praise, and Worship, with the ability of interaction while being taught the Word of God, uncompromised. See you there!

Little Lambs Youth Service
11:15 am

Our expansive Little Lambs Youth Service is for children ages 3 - 15 years old.
​Classes and activities are taught and organized by our Youth Minister Phyllis Ogletree.